Eagle Consulting, LLC, is an international, independent, upstream oil and gas consulting firm based in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. This family-owned & operated company has built a global reputation for providing the highest caliber field supervision, project management and in-house engineering services for drilling operations. eagle-llc.com/


Jennifer Jeansonne became CEO almost 11 years ago and has had many years of industry experience. She gained valuable skills & knowledge from previous careers, but her path led her back to the business she watched her father grow over the years. In 2013, Eagle Consulting was named Supplier of the Year in recognition of their dedication to promoting women in business and in 2014, she became the recipient of the WBE Business Star.

Formula for Success

Becoming CEO of a company isn’t always easy; there will always be some obstacles along the way. “You know what opens the door, but then you have to prove yourself, you have to prove that you’re business ready, you have to prove that you have capacity. All of that is just like any other business, whether it’s owned by a man, a woman, a minority, that all still matters.”

Jennifer Jeansonne President, Eagle Consulting

Jennifer Jeansonne
President, Eagle Consulting

Like most successful businesses, Jennifer takes great pride in her team and believes strongly in them. “For me, team

building has been about finding people who really feel a sense of commitment, like it was their own business, we feel kind of like a family. It is a family owned company, we spend a lot of time together.”

Her business knows that diversity and certification are essential in developing a business. “Our commitment to diversity drives our involvement in a number of organizations and networks that recognize the role women play in industry. Participation with these groups allows us to share best practices and focus on accelerating business growth.”


Inspiration & Insights

When speaking to a potential client, Jennifer says, “I don’t ever want to promise something that I can’t deliver. So communication and honesty are really important.” And when constructing an outstanding team she believes, “It really comes down to reliability, dedication of your people, having similar ethics and morals about things. We try to be really flexible and understand that people have families and I think treating people fairly, putting them in a good environment, letting them know you support them – that all goes to having a common goal. It continues to reinforce what your culture is.”