Based in Chicago, The Wynning Experience is the ultimate solution for teams and individuals tasked with creating outstanding in-person, hybrid and virtual events to increase sales and improve brand loyalty. They specialize in creating diverse experiences that offer countless opportunities to engage with your customers in a meaningful way and position clients’ brands as an integral part of their daily lives.

When visiting the Enterprising Women of Color Business Center in New Orleans, event producer and CEO, Allyson Wynn, started a conversation with a member of the Women’s Foundation of the South, also headquartered in the WB Collective, a women’s co-working space located in the Warehouse District of New Orleans. Allyson used their brief “coffee chat” to share The Wynning Experience’s services and asked if she could present a proposal to the foundation for future events. That chance coffee chat eventually led to a contract that yielded significant fundraising results for the foundation. Like many other Enterprising Women of Color members, The Wynning Experience positioned themselves to be ready with their “pitch” and create sustainable client relationships. The program continues to support this positioning and connect The Wynning Experience with other nonprofits to contract and create unforgettable experiences.

“We enjoy the occasions to collaborate and create B2B opportunities when visiting the WB Collective and Enterprising Women of Color Business Center in New Orleans,” states Allyson Wynn. “Women businesses in co-working spaces have unique chances to work together and connect organically each day. The Wynning Experience looks forward to continuing to build brand awareness in this special business setting.” 

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