Fazande Consulting, LLC Wins Big with Enterprising Women of Color

by | Aug 23, 2023 | Enterprising Women of Color

Owner and Principal Consultant, Shannon Fazande, Fazande Consulting, LLC, is unwavering when it comes to assuring small businesses implement solid human resources practices. With more than 20 years in human capital experience in the private sector, she’s created a firm to assure clients invest in their most valuable asset—their staff. For the past five years, she’s partnered with industry experts to offer a full suite of human resource solutions that support the strategic direction of performance driven organizations.

Most recently, Fazande Consulting joined the Enterprising Women of Color Program, powered by Women’s Business Enterprise Council South, to gain business development support, resources and technical assistance. In record time, she met with Program Director, Tiffany Carter, identified a potential business opportunity, assembled a team, and received notice of a $200,000 award with the Orleans Parish School Board to provide strategic planning services. Subsequently, she successfully convened a joint venture team of three certified small businesses. One of the partners, Krystal Allen, Principal with Kallen Consulting, has also joined the Enterprising Women of Color Program and they look forward to pursuing future endeavors.

While Shannon credits being in the “right place and right time,” she looks forward to continuing to work with the Enterprising Women of Color Program to identify larger and more complex projects that will increase her firm’s capacity. Fazande says, “I am beyond thrilled to be the first member of WBEC South’s Enterprising Women of Color program! Upon its inception, EWOC introduced my firm to an opportunity and my team, and our partners, pulled off a huge win. I look forward to partnering with other powerful, intelligent, and brilliant women of color and bringing home many more wins. Thank you EWOC and WBEC South for the many ways you support women and women of color.”