Fancy Bow Ties Plus specializes in creating custom, handmade bow ties for all ages.

ic headshotIris Campbell, sole owner and operator of Fancy Bow Ties Plus, is a new WBE that is ready to hit the ground running. She’s excited to be an entrepreneur and often reflects on the importance of being a woman business owner. “I understand what women endured in the past and I appreciate our present and future progression, most of all knowing that no one can hold you back or take away what you’ve accomplished.”
Starting a new company is no easy task and Campbell is determined to soak up as much information possible. Learning the business on your own can be difficult, but it can be done. “I never knew anyone in the retail business who could teach me every step of the way. My journey has been really challenging and I know that I have to reach my ultimate goal all on my own, but it’ll be appreciated and well deserved.”

Formula for Success
“Being a WBE can open doors of opportunity for communication with corporations. I have been able to make contact with a few due to being a WBE, now I know what some expect. My business being certified is a need for a lifetime. I give thanks to my local WBEs for recognizing my business and for sharing who I am and what my talents are. WBEC South you are needed and well respected.”

Inspiration & Insights
“I do my very best with networking no matter where I am if given the opportunity. As long as I have life, I will market and promote the gifts that God the Father has bestowed upon me.”

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