Lamb Specialty Advertising, Inc. takes pride in their excellent customer service & their ability to find the right products to promote various businesses. They can assist anyone in their search for exceptional promotional products.

Paula Bates President, Lamb Specialty Advertising

Paula Bates
CEO, Lamb Specialty Advertising

Paula Bates is celebrating her 13th year as CEO with Lamb Specialty Advertising, Inc. and she is excited with how much it has grown. Since taking over Lamb Specialty Advertising, she has expanded beyond the traditional promotional items that have been done in the past. They provide products from printed t-shirts to premium gifts and products. Paula credits her “outstanding team” and their solid work ethic to the success of her company. Paula says that this group “works together and is empowered to do their job.”

A great team effort is what helps increase clientele. “We attract a tremendous amount of business through word of mouth. We attempt to always provide excellent customer service and products to our customers, who in turn, refer us to potential clients.”

Formula for Success

Although Lamb Specialty Advertising is expanding & growing now, it was tough initially. “Early on, like so many businesses, we were working with a very limited amount of capital.  However, over time, our business has grown exponentially, allowing us more financial flexibility.”

Paula’s dedication to WBEC South has helped her business thrive. “I would have to say that securing contracts and preferred vendor status with large corporations has been a tremendous benefit. We are increasingly gaining business from companies who seek diversity in their purchasing.  The networking opportunities are really great.  I have been involved in committees that have allowed me the opportunity to meet and network with other female business owners.”

Inspiration & Insights

When asked how to grow a business, Paula responded, “Superior Customer Service”. She also adds, “Remember, you can’t do it all by yourself. Surround yourself with quality employees—pay them the very best that you can.”