There are so many recertification files that come in everyday with the same errors. WBENC shutterstock_97652438certification is important and we’re here to help. Before you start the recertification process, take a look at the most common mistakes so that you’re ahead of the game!

#1 Documents are submitted late

Solution – We recommend submitting all documents at least 90 days prior to your expiration date. It gives us time to look over all the documents & contact you if we have any questions or concerns. Failure to recertify in a timely manner could result in an expired status for your company, so START EARLY.

#2 Recertification documents are emailed or faxed

Solution – Mail all information to our office. We recommend sending it via UPS, FedEx, Certified, or Priority Mail to ensure the documents arrive safely. All of the documents requested are confidential & we don’t want it to get lost in cyberspace.

#3 Processing Fee is incorrect

Solution – All payments should be made to WBEC South NOT “WBENC” or “RPO”. Check the sliding scale of fees so that the amount is correct. Submitting a payment with the incorrect information causes your file to be delayed in the recertification process.

#4 Lack of Communication

Solution – Please respond to all phone & email attempts. We understand how important certification is so it’s very important that you reply quickly.

*Tip: Add to your contact list so that WBENCLink emails won’t go to your Spam or Junk Mail.

Just One More Thing: We are here for you- be patient! We’re doing everything possible to expedite the recertification process. It may take a full 90 days, but please be assured that we working to push your file through.