I decided that this week I would share some of my favorite apps that help me stay sane. Most of these I have been using for about 2-3 months now. I hope you find them helpful. They are in no particular order:

1. Evernote
800px-Evernote_logo.svg“For everything you do, Evernote is the workspace to get it done.” Evernote is one of my favorite apps it can work on your mobile devices and desktop. I use it for capturing ideas and working on docs on my iPad and iPhone since I don’t have MS Office. It syncs across all devices- no multiple versions to update, “was this the last version? no, this is-wait, grrghh!” We all have that conversation at least once a week, right?
For me, Evernote is more than a notebook. You can create multiple notebooks and create tags for super easy searches. There are multiple other apps that integrate into basic Evernote. Take pictures of post it notes, email an article or attachment via your personalized Evernote email address to import. The possibilities are endless with this app.

2. Ping- by Secret, Inc.
photoI was just turned on to Ping. The review I was reading touted it as “mysterious” and Ping is certainly that, at first. The description in the app store is one sentence, “You’re going to like me.” Oh really?

There are only two screen shots, a white screen with a black dot and a page that simply has “Touch me.” I had to try it! It seemed like my own personal “Wonderland.”

Once it’s downloaded, start the app, and you get a list of about 8-10 categories to choose from. You will receive 1-2 notifications or “pings” per category a day. I selected daily fortune cookie, curiosities, is it Friday yet?, and random thoughts to start. Ping is a great way to find some random or trending content to share without having to search for it.


3. Mynd
This isn’t your momma’s family calendar…Mynd is a brilliant mobile calendar and meeting planner. If you are a road warrior, you are going to LOVE Mynd. This isn’t a stand-alone calendar, it syncs seamlessly with your main calendar and then takes it to the next level.mynd
Link Evernote and your LinkedIn accounts and Mynd turns into an intelligent virtual assistant. Meeting is at 10:00 am, when do I need to leave to get there in time? Mynd knows. Using Google maps, Mynd will select the best the route and notify you when you should leave to make on time. If you run into traffic there is a quick button that allows you to text meeting attendees with a pre-populated “running late.”

Mynd allows you to check on the latest and greatest with meeting attendees you are linked to on LinkedIn. It is like having an PA standing next to you feeding you intel! Add notes on the fly that sync to Evernote or save a tree and use the agenda you created at the office and view it in the meeting notes screen in Mynd. I love the fun infographic style of the home screen. Kick up to Mynd’s premium edition and get access to even more robust features.

4. Feedly
Say bye-bye to ugly RSS feeds. Don’t know what an RSS feed is? It doesn’t matter. Feedly lets you add websites that publish blog and article info and turns them into a gorgeous, easy, to personalized online newspaper or magazine. Each website you pull from can be assigned to a category, “finance, marketing, local news, etc.” This will let you choose how you see your news content. feedly_screenshot

Next, decide if you want to view in a list, cards, or magazine style. Tadaa! A news feed designed by you- for you! Other great features include the ability to save an article to read later, email a link to a friend, send to Evernote, and sharing on Facebook and Twitter via the app. Feedly definitely saves me time because I can find articles I am interested in without wasting hours searching multiple websites.

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