How many business cards do you have stuffed in your purse or lying in a stack in the junk drawer of your desk? Unless you do something with them RIGHT NOW, just go ahead and throw them away. They are waste. You and I both know it.small_4878453256

Or….here’s a thought-you could reach out to that person, to that company…and begin to establish a relationship that could lead to business! Here are a few suggestions to get you on your way.

  1. Send them a note within a week of meeting them…handwritten preferably. I know. It sounds harsh. But who does that anymore. I do. I am sharing a closing guarded secret here. It’s memorable because it’s so seldom done. Anyone can send an email and they all do. In the note, remind them where you met and one key point in the conversation, preferably about them or their company and how you can help.
  2. Join their company Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s the age of technology. Not only should you join, but you should pay attention and engage.
  3. Check out their company website. Do they have any requirements for diversity suppliers? Do you have to fill out any registration forms? Are you required to have any additional designations? Have YOU done the work required to be considered as a diversity supplier.
  4. Follow up within a month’s time with a phone call. Make it short and sweet. Be prepared to ask questions about their company or requirements, or ask to set a phone conference or meeting to gather additional information.
  5. Be prepared to hear “No”. We have all heard “No” before. It means given the information I have at the moment, I am unprepared to say Yes. That’s ok. It does not mean “No” forever. Keep at it.

Use that Business card to create business. You can do it. Just remember be persistent, but never without being prepared.

photo credit: Clive Andrews via photopin cc