Each month, WBEC South takes an insider’s look at a leading woman-owned business, its formula for success, and how it is making a difference.

Missy Rogers President Noble Plastics

Missy Rogers
Noble Plastics

Noble Plastics is a custom injection molder of plastics, and provides design services as well.  This means we develop and make things for industries such as defense, energy, automotive, and consumer goods, primarily in plastics.

Q.  Why did you decide to become a business owner?

A. I wanted to re-enter the workforce after our children reached school age, and manufacturing was a great way to be a part of the creative process and play to my strengths as an engineer.

Q.  What has been the biggest obstacle you have faced and overcome in business?
A. Staffing of personnel was a process that was extremely difficult in our early years, but through aggressive use of an internship program and sponsorship of several activities at nearby schools, we have a great presence in our community that makes recruiting easier.

Q.  How has being a member of WBEC South helped you?
A.  The networking with truly talented and capable women has been a wonderful side-effect of the certification that I did not expect.  Obviously participation in diversity events has opened doors, but the friendships have been the most beneficial part.

Q.  What are your goals now? Where do you see your business going?
A. As we continue to expand the company and its capabilities, we plan to expand into other manufacturing methods in the next three years.

Q.  What bit of knowledge / advice would you like to share with other women / women business owners?
A. Have a solid multi-year business plan, with a fallback position if the market hits a drop.

Q.  What is the best advice you have ever received?
A. Get as much financial support as you can when you don’t need it, because waiting until you do need it is too late.

Q.  What is your favorite quote?
A. “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” by Robert H. Schuller

Q.  What has been your greatest triumph regarding your business?
A. Winning my first defense contract after 18 months of doggedly pushing my foot in the door.  Perseverance and optimism are always worth it!