DevMar Products, LLC. helps customers save money by offering sustainability solutions through cost savings, supply chain efficiencies, and product diversity. They are dedicated to creating healthier, more productive cleaning options with lower burdens on our natural resources.

DevMar-GS3 Healthcare Alliance, LLC a strategic alliance driving sustainable solutions into emerging healthcare markets. They serve customers by offering cost savings, supply chain efficiencies and innovative products with less burden on our natural resources.

Sharon Reynolds President/CEO

Sharon Reynolds


Since 2007, DevMar Products has been a driving force in environmentally responsible products. Sharon Reynolds, President and CEO, takes pride in her companies and the strength that women carry. “While it was once thought that only men could lead companies effectively, women demonstrate that we possess a level of expertise that can be compared to any successful male counterpart. Women possess the ability to show compassion, business leadership, thought-provoking decision-making, and are strong community advocates.”

Formula for Success

We know that with every successful business comes a stumbling block and Sharon’s companies weren’t exempt. “As a relatively young business, the first obstacle was being taken seriously in my industry. The chemical distribution business was once considered a male-dominated enterprise where women are not often acknowledged. Having secured a major contract early on, and a national contract shortly thereafter reflected on my ability as a business owner and gave greater merit and credibility to my business acumen.”

Sharon recognizes the importance of certification and has been very involved. “The networking opportunities are numerous for WBEs. The guidance and support I receive from the National and Regional staffs are immeasurable. They exude a sincere willingness to help and are genuinely excited to see you grow. We have fostered relationships with Fortune 50, 100, and 500 companies that are now seeking to partner with DevMar & DGHA to engage in business opportunities. In addition, we market our business by taking advantage of social media networks and blog posts.”

Insights & Inspirations

“Put God and family first in your life. Understand your competition and find a niche that no one else offers. Work toward becoming a dynamic business enterprise, who just so happens to be a WBE. Finally, and most importantly, keep the faith!”


In December 2013, DevMar Products, LLC. became a national company by securing a contract to provide janitorial supplies to one of the largest correctional facilities in the United States, now serving 65 facilities in 24 states. DevMar Products, LLC. was the recipient of the WIPP Business Leadership “External Communications” award in 2012. DevMar-GS3 will distribute their new product, STERIPLEX SD, the only EPA registered and environmentally responsible anti-microbial solution using silver ionization technology branded as STERIPLEX SD.