Deep Fried Advertising + Web Design is a boutique creative and interactive agency. They build robust brands and connect clients to consumers by balancing beautiful art, rich content, and strategic planning.

Jennie Westerman Owner, Creative Director

Jennie Westerman Diemont
Owner, Creative Director

Deep Fried Advertising was conceived by Jennie Westerman Diemont in 2004, with a great plan in mind and determination to get the job done. “I started a company ten years ago so that I could prove a point really. I also always valued the ability to go in and out of the job market – so I could have a family eventually. After the first year, I felt I had proved my point, but I realized there was so much more to be done, and that it was my calling. I am SO proud that we have grown from a little business run out of a house, to a boutique agency in the CBD with 8 full-time employees.”

Formula for Success
Every company faces some type of difficulty, but Deep Fried’s issue was a bit different from the typical financial hardships that a budding business would have. “Growing the company has been the most difficult for me, especially in terms of turning things over to staff members that our clients were used to me handling personally. You can’t grow your business if you are the only one doing the work, or if you’re micromanaging everything. You have to hire qualified people, train them, teach them, enable them, and back them. As a business owner, you have to let them be, and let your clients not just know, but truly understand, that they are the right person who manages their work.”
Jennie values her WBENC certification and realizes that getting a coveted contract isn’t the only important benefit. “The WBE’s are united and are comprised of eager, fun women who actually DO have the same things in common as me and my business. We want to grow, we are extroverted, we are movers and shakers. There are lots of organizations you can join and go meet people, but having a valuable conversation, that you can remember, and enjoy, makes it that much better. It’s nice to go home from an event and actually know you enjoyed meeting that person, and that a potential lasting relationship was just created, not just a business card exchange. We haven’t applied for contracts that require or favor WBE certification, however, everyone who sees the certification (which is a lot), has a great deal of respect for it. And we may go after those contracts in the future, but for now, it definitely still is worth it to me to be able to put that logo on our materials and claim that stake.”

Inspiration and Insights
“Provide Unparalleled Value. Basically, do awesome work and be better than your competition. Don’t stay stagnant. Stay on top! Work your butt off. And don’t just work on the daily routine. Every day provides a new opportunity and you are the only one that has the will and ability to do something with each and every day. So do your hair, put on your lipstick, and knock ‘em dead!”

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