CA-PAR Electric, Inc. offers a wide range of electric services to electric utilities, electric co-ops, federal/state facilities, and industrial facilities. They are expanding their presence in electric utility markets, offering new construction and maintenance services.

Stephanie Cain CEO

Stephanie Cain

Stephanie Cain had a desire and vision to excel in the electrical industry and in July 1998, CA-PAR Electric, Inc. was born. With over 21 years of experience in sales and marketing of electrical components to electrical engineers, petro-chemical, commercial, institutional and governmental facilities, Stephanie definitely has the background & expertise to take this business to the next level. “There are very few women that work in this industry. A female Lineman is almost unheard of. It is important that women set an example for others that we can own and successfully operate any type of business, even in a male dominated industry.”

Formula for success
WBENC certification has been there to assist in her company future endeavors. “Certification has helped us get access to large corporate customers through networking. One benefit is the access to potential corporate partners; the other is the access to other female business owners to share experiences and learn.” CA-PAR Electric, Inc. stands strong in providing quality electrical services while maintaining a high degree of safety in every aspect of their work.

Insights and Inspirations
Stephanie believes that “integrity & quality” are important in growing a business. Working effectively as part of a team is extremely important especially in this industry, and CA-PAR makes sure that they invested heavily their employees. When asked how to attract new customers, she said, “We attract new customers through networking opportunities at WBEC South and word of mouth with existing customers.”