Cook Me Somethin’ Mister specializes in producing supreme flavors for New Orleans’ ultimate party food.

Kristen Preau Moore Owner

Kristen Preau Moore

Cook Me Somethin’ Mister has grown by leaps and bounds since it was established 5 years ago. Kristen Preau managed to turn a family recipe into a fruitful business. Entrepreneurship is in her family’s DNA and there was no way she could escape it. “My dad owned his own business where he used to manufacture outdoor cookers for some of the best chefs in the city. Right out of college, I wanted nothing to do with owning my own business or working in the family business. I wanted to spread my wings and pursue my own career path; I still ended up finding my own path by starting my own business. Once that moment of inspiration found me, I knew I could do it and there was no turning back. It’s just ironic that it was Dad’s recipe for jambalaya that he would always cook to promote his outdoor cookers that gave me the opportunity.”

Formula for Success

Despite having no experience in the food industry, Kristen continued to move forward with the business. “I just got out there and did it and surrounded myself with a strong network of likeminded people and took advantage of every resource available. I have successfully grown my business at a rapid rate over the past five years.”

Cook Me Somethin’ Mister has been certified for less than a year, but Kristen has learned how to make it work for her business. “My WBE certification has strengthened my relationship with Sam’s Club and it has provided a new marketing opportunity through the use of the new Women Owned logo for retail packaging of products from women-owned businesses. WBE Certification is so much more than just a sheet of paper. The power is in participating and connecting with a wealth of WBE & Corporate Members from across the country. Every Corporate Member I have met with has found a way to get me connected with the right person and they push the connection all the way through until I am able to make my sales presentation.”

Inspiration & Insights

“Believe in yourself and the power you possess. You have a lot more to offer that just the product or service of your business.”


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