We get calls all the time from WBE owners that need a copy of their certificate. Did you know that you have access to yours 24/7?

Log in to your WBENCLink account. From the menu on the left hand side, select “WBE” and then “Find WBE”. Enter your company name in the Business Name box and click “Search.”

In the results line, you will see a Company Id, Company Name, Contact First Name… Skip all the way to the end- past RPO and you will see two square boxes. One is HR and the other is LR. These are the links for your certificate.

Which one do you choose? Most common is LR for low resolution. This best for email or uploading to a website. Want to print it out and display it on your wall? Select HR for high resolution. This is the best version for printing at a high quality. A best practice is to download and save the file to your computer so that it is easily accessible.

Sample of WBENCLink Search Results Screen

Sample of WBENCLink Search Results Screen (click picture to view full size)