you seen the Women Owned logo yet? Maybe it was at Summit and Salute or at our annual Expo. You will be seeing it on the shelves of stores in the months to come. So what is the logo and what does it mean?

In a nutshell, “the goal of the new logo is to make customers around the world aware of the great products from women-owned businesses, and in turn help these women continue to grow their businesses.” Sounds good to us!

So the question on everyone’s mind is does this logo replace the “Certified WBENC WBE” seal? That is a big negative. According to WBENC leadership, “the use of the Women-Owned Logo is in addition to the Certified WBENC WBE Seal. You should still use the Certified WBENC WBE Seal on your website, business cards and other marketing materials.”

So why is that? Remember, the goal of the new Women Owned logo is to create awareness with consumers. When you are marketing yourself to buyers and supplier diversity representatives, they know what the Certified WBENC WBE seal is and what it means.

To learn more about the logo, visit or click here to sign up for our June WBE Toolkit webinar.